The Great Interruption Day 38

The Great Interruption

ReRead:   John 20:15-16

Thursday 4/2/15   Day 38

Ponder: Jesus calls Mary by name. It is how Jesus chooses to announce his resurrection; he says Mary’s name and she recognizes his Voice. Mary has heard Jesus call her by name before, but now it is overwhelming to her.  Why?  Because this Voice that calls her by name rises up within her in great power; it is the Voice of God within. Others will encounter and experience Jesus in similar ways; the Voice that speaks to them while walking on the road, greets them from behind closed doors, prays over bread and fish…Jesus will speak their names.  Have you heard him speak your name?


Practice:  Jesus wants to speak all of our names and interrupt our lives.  In all likelihood Jesus has been speaking our names all of our lives, but in a divine moment when we recognize our spiritual emptiness, we actually hear him. 

Prayer:    Holy God, thank You for the message to my heart that You are alive and making this journey in life with me.  Holy Spirit, quicken my soul to recognize your Voice guiding and directing my daily path.  I want to know you are with me not only in the difficult times but all the time.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Mission:  Remind someone else today, that Jesus knows his or her name. Ask if he or she have heard his Voice interrupt their lives to reveal his resurrected life within.  

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