Be An Interrupter Day 31

Be An Interrupter

ReRead:  John 12:3

Wednesday 3/25/15   Day 31  

Ponder:  When we want to express our love for people, we may buy flowers, gifts, or we may seek to serve them in some specific way.  Those are expressions of love but not really a descriptive of love. Mary does not really know how to “tell” Jesus she loves him.  She cannot articulate the overwhelming feeling she has rising up within her.  So, she acts.  With every stroke of her hair on the feet of Messiah, she is telling him she loves him.  Since God conveyed his love for us by sending His Son to die on a cross, can we look at the cross as a symbol of love?


Practice:  Everyday God calls us to place something of our humanity on the cross; the demands of our flesh need to be crucified for us to experience greater spiritual life. God may call us to surrender a bad habit that is hindering us, a wrong spirit trying to rob us, a possession trying to dominate us, or maybe a wrong attitude of superiority that needs to be crucified.  Let’s cling to the cross, so it can do its work in our lives. The cross is not only God’s expression of love for us, it is our expression of love for God.

Prayer:  Holy God, I am sometimes frightened by the cross you may call me to embrace.  During those times, remind me that You always have my best interests in mind.  The expression of Your love for me on the cross teaches me how to love You.  Let me get beyond words to worship in action.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Mission:  The cross is our friend to overcome sin and embrace spiritual life.  Encourage other believers to see the cross as an expression of God’s love.

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