Jesus Enters the City Day 32

Jesus Enters the City

Read:   Luke 19:28-40

Thursday 3/26/15   Day 32

Ponder: Jesus is approaching the Mount of Olives; he is on his way to Jerusalem.  He will “be” the sacrificial Lamb for the Passover.  We can see from scripture Jesus knows all things and is administering everything in detail to fulfill his mission from God.  Jesus interrupts two of the disciples by giving them an odd task to follow.  These two do not question the directions given by Jesus.  If Jesus says there is going to be a colt tied up for them to take, someone to inquire about them taking it, and a need for them to say, “The Lord needs it,” that is what will happen.  Are you that sure (full of trust) when following Jesus’ direction in your life?


Practice:  The disciples’ trust came because they had spent so much time with Jesus.  They had seen him do amazing and miraculous things.  Even when things did not make sense, God moved on them.  For Christ’s disciples, this was just one more time to follow and to see the work of God.  They know who Jesus is, and they are hoping he will let the whole world know soon. 

Prayer:   Father, I confess I do not always understand Your instructions and the work of Christ in my life.  Yet, I accept and welcome it.  Bring to me the trust I need to stay the course , so I can continue to see You working in my life. In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Mission:  It is our job to reveal Christ in us to others. Everywhere you go today, choose to share Jesus with them.  Be a convincing replica of the Savior who came to save the world.

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