Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 2-20-19

February 20, 2019

Luke 11:37-41 The Voice

It doesn’t happen near often enough, but I love when our family gets together for a sit down dinner; time spent talking, laughing, and sharing about life (and eating great food, of course!)  Jesus did much of his teaching over dinner.  It was a time to teach, listen, and grow from the thoughts shared of those gathered around the table.  

Jesus was always prompt at telling the truth and in our passage today, he tells the truth and spiritually smacks those listening upside the head.  Actually, Jesus offends people before they even get started with dinner. He calls them a “walking contradiction.”   What will our takeaway be today as we read from the gospel of Luke? Is it possible we care more about the external things of life than the internal things which are actually eternal?

Luke 11:37-41

37 A Pharisee interrupted Jesus’ speech with an invitation to dinner. Jesus accepted the invitation and took His place at his table. 38 The Pharisee was offended that Jesus didn’t perform the ceremonial handwashing before eating—something Pharisees were fastidious about doing.

Jesus: 39 You Pharisees are a walking contradiction. You are so concerned about external things—like someone who washes the outside of a cup and bowl but never cleans the inside, which is what counts! Beneath your fastidious exterior is a mess of extortion and filth.

40 You guys don’t get it. Did the potter make the outside but not the inside too? 41 If you were full of goodness within, you could overflow with generosity from within, and if you did that, everything would be clean for you.

Prayer:  Lord, make me aware about what is on the inside of me.  You created me to be transparent before you.  Remove anything that is unclean.  Let me be filled with goodness on the inside and spill that outward today.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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