Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 6-21-18

June 21, 2018

Job 29:1-6

In our Wednesday LIFE Lessons study, we have been reading the Book of Job.  Job lived a very abundant life before Satan secretly began robbing him of the things he valued.  God was still watching over Job, but with Satan actively attacking him it no longer felt the same.  Have you ever looked back at life and said, “I miss the old days?” Job did.

What can we learn from this short passage of Job’s recollection?  It is very important to never lose track of the many blessings God brings into our lives. But let’s not confuse blessing with an easy road or path in life.   Blessings can come through laughter, success, failure, and even tears if it bring us closer to God.  The goal of the Christian life is to live and remain in the wisdom of God.  Wisdom comes when we apply God’s Word to our lives; wisdom is applied Truth.  Whatever teaches us wisdom is a blessing.

Job 29:1-20 The Message (MSG)  When God Was Still by My Side

1-6 Job now resumed his response:

“Oh, how I long for the good old days,

    when God took such very good care of me.

He always held a lamp before me

    and I walked through the dark by its light.

Oh, how I miss those golden years

    when God’s friendship graced my home,

When the Mighty One was still by my side

    and my children were all around me,

When everything was going my way,

    and nothing seemed too difficult.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for the many blessings you have brought into my life.  And, thank you for the wisdom I have gained.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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