Interruptions as Opportunity Day 4

Interruptions as Opportunity

ReRead:   Mark 5:27-29

Saturday 2/21/15   Day 4


Ponder:  Are you quick to interrupt Jesus by asking for help? Do you think about the magnitude of other people’s problems and decide your’s are not worth bothering the Master?  Or, maybe you think you can handle your own problems by yourself.


The woman in our story has heard that Jesus cares; she believes that he can heal and that he will heal her from this physically exhausting and culturally shameful condition.  She presses through the crowd refusing to be denied; she touches the hem of his garment and is immediately healed.  It is clear to the reader that Jesus does not mind the interruption; but wants this woman to know that she matters to him, as well as to applaud her faith.    

Practice:  Jesus longs to hear from us; he longs to heal everything that causes us physical, emotional, or spiritual issues.  No matter what you are dealing with today, if it is causing you anxiety or anguish take it to Jesus.   Trust God’s love for you.  If something is important to you, then it is important to God.   Pour yourself out before God and invite Him into the midst of your life.  He will listen and reveal his love for you.  Jesus will affirm your worth.

Prayer:  Abba, help me to grow in my conversation and dependence upon You.  Today, I want to begin to turn everything over to You and invite You to bring answers.  Allow me to recognize and hear your Voice guiding me.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:  Today, offer to pray with someone you know who is hurting or frightened.  Remind him or her that no problem is too small or too big to take to Jesus.  Be bold in your faith; Jesus will notice.

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