Living with Interruptions Day 7

Living with Interruptions

Read:  Mark 10:46-52

Wednesday 2/25/15   Day 7  

Ponder:  Our culture seems to be defined by interrupting communications. We can experience constant phone calls, text messages, and emails.  It is not unusual to be interrupted by all of these things as you are trying to get out the door to an appointment.  Can you relate to having interruptions when you have someplace else to be?  How do you respond to the demands for your time?

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Interruptions as Opportunity Day 6

Interruptions as Opportunity 

ReRead:  Mark 5:34 

Tuesday 2/24/15   Day 6   

Ponder:  The very day this desperate woman reaches out to touch Jesus she is healed. Her life is forever changed in that moment. Joy permeates her being; truth flows from her lips.  However, I’m also very sure, even in the midst of this joy, she remembers how she felt for the past twelve years.  She remembers how she was treated by others and how she was shamed. She will not forget where she has been.  This healing did not erase the pain she had felt, nor the rejection she had experienced; it did change the way she looked at God, herself, and others.  She received a new glimpse of love.

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Interruptions as Opportunity Day 5

Interruptions as Opportunity

Monday 2/23/15   Day 5 

ReRead: Mark 5:30-33 

Ponder:  Please notice that both the woman and Jesus is aware of the healing.  Jesus is actually on his way to touch Jairus’ daughter when he is interrupted.  This woman falls at the feet of Jesus (just like Jairus) and tells him what she has done; she touched him. Jesus gives this broken and hurting woman and opportunity to be real with him; to tell him the truth.

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Interruptions as Opportunity Day 4

Interruptions as Opportunity

ReRead:   Mark 5:27-29

Saturday 2/21/15   Day 4


Ponder:  Are you quick to interrupt Jesus by asking for help? Do you think about the magnitude of other people’s problems and decide your’s are not worth bothering the Master?  Or, maybe you think you can handle your own problems by yourself.

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Interruptions as Opportunity Day 3

Interruptions as Opportunity

ReRead:   Mark 5:24-26

Friday 2/20/15   Day 3

Ponder:  I cannot answer for you, but I will confess that my cell phone brings constant interruptions.  Sometimes the calls are simply casual or informative; sometimes the calls mean painful life changes for those whom I love.  Can you, or those you love, relate to painful news and the need to search for answers from God?   

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