Interruptions as Opportunity Day 3

Interruptions as Opportunity

ReRead:   Mark 5:24-26

Friday 2/20/15   Day 3

Ponder:  I cannot answer for you, but I will confess that my cell phone brings constant interruptions.  Sometimes the calls are simply casual or informative; sometimes the calls mean painful life changes for those whom I love.  Can you, or those you love, relate to painful news and the need to search for answers from God?   


Jesus is in the midst of the crowd; everyone present has a reason for being there and wanting an audience with Jesus.  Some are curious and some are hurting.  A woman in the crowd has suffered a physical affliction for twelve years.  Twelve years of trying different doctors; using her money to gain treatment.  We have no idea who this woman is; her name is never mentioned.  But Jesus is not ignorant of her brokenness and pain.  He allows yet another interruption, so he can bring God’s power to her broken heart and sick body.

Practice:  Interruptions can be God-appointments for  you; others around you need to feel the love and encouragement of the Savior.  You have the opportunity to give them Jesus.  He is the One who mends the brokenhearted and sets the prisoner free.

Prayer:  Lord of all, keep my eyes focused on the things that matter to your heart.  Work in and through me, today, to touch the lives of those around me who have experienced life’s pain and suffering.   In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mission: Do you know someone who is suffering brokenness? Be a source of encouragement to him or her today.

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