Jesus Enters the City Day 33

Jesus Enters the City

ReRead:   Luke 19:35-37

Friday 3/27/15   Day 33

Ponder:   The disciples did what Jesus asked and brought the colt back with them.  Little did they know this animal would be with them as they entered Jerusalem.  Jesus sits on the colt and begins his ride.  People with palm branches start waving and greeting Jesus as he passes by. They shout praises to God.  Passover is a celebration to praise God for delivering His people, Israel, from bondage, and the hope of God’s ultimate salvation through Messiah.   People have heard about Jesus and his many interruptions in the region.  Now, he interrupts everything with his arrival into Jerusalem. Pause. If you are quiet, you can almost hear them asking each other, “Could Jesus be the Messiah?”


Practice:  There’s a multitude of people in Jerusalem for the Passover.  The energy and the joy of the people begin to grow as Jesus enters.  Isn’t that always the way? Our affection for Jesus has to stay energized, because we will see some of these same folks who are shouting, “Hosanna, save us” will later turn and shout, “Crucify him!”

Prayer:   Lord, somedays I am so close to You and feel such energy in Your presence.  Other days, I am indifferent.  Please help me to hold onto my passion for You and my belief in Your way of bringing change.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:   Scripture teaches in the last days people’s love and faith will turn cold; no outward expression. No sparks only smoldering embers. Invite the Spirit to surround you with people who ignite your soul with raging fire from above.  Then, be the fire to those who need their spiritual flame fanned.

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