Interruptions As Opportunity Day 2

Interruptions as Opportunity

ReRead:  Mark 5:22-24

Thursday 2/19/15   Day 2  

Ponder:  Jesus welcomes our interrupting prayers.  How might you describe what you need from Jesus?


Jesus has been doing some pretty amazing things; his miracles are drawing crowds of people everywhere he goes.  Jairus does not approach Jesus with the purpose of leading a new religious project or teaching by his side.  Rather, Jairus comes to Jesus because he needs a miracle for his daughter or she will die.   This father has to explore every possible chance that his daughter can be saved.  You see, Jairus  interrupts Jesus because his life has experienced an unthinkable, life-altering interruption.  He cannot think of anything else but his daughter.  I don’t imagine Jairus thought about waiting his turn or being polite to the crowd; instead, he rushes to Jesus and falls at his feet.  Jesus immediately accepts the interruption and begins to carry this man’s burden.

Practice:  Every life needs a Savior and like Jairus we need to boldly ask Jesus for help.   He welcomes us to be real with him; our needs are important to God.  Jesus welcomes our interruptions when we come asking for help.

Prayer:  Emmanuel, God with us, thank you for loving and personally caring for me.  Thank you for allowing me to interrupt you with my needs.  Please continue to help me see you are working in my life, today.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mission:  Share with someone today that he or she can trust God and put their hope in his love for him or her.  Tell someone how much God’s love has changed you and how you pray.

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